How to Maximize Funding for your Business in 2023!

Maximizing Funding Opportunities: A Professional Guide to Identifying and Pursuing the Best Strategies for Business Success


Scott Letourneau
Business Formation & Business Funding Expert

Your FREE Webinar Covers:

  • What needs to change on your entity foundation to get the best results for the business credit bureaus (most of you will need to make a few changes).
  • What do banks look at in terms of your business address which is different from vendors that provide credit?
  • How much funding will your business qualify for (and what steps do you need to take to 10X the amount)?
  •  What is credit card stacking (and is it even legal)? 
  • ​ What funding options are traditionally the easiest to qualify for yet are the most costly (and you will not know why when you apply)?
  • ​Even if your personal credit is compromised, learn the process to secure funding (and more over time with the proper steps).
  • ​Even if you have excellent personal credit and revenues, discover what is required to 10X your funding.

Discover the sequence of funding factors for best results.


  • Start-Up Enterpreneurs
  • ​E-Commerce Sellers 
  • Digital Marketers  
  • Real Estate Investors 
  • Entrepreneurs Expanding
  •  Investors 
  • Crypto Owners
  • ​CPAs and Attorneys 
  • Business Owners
  • ​U.S. Residents 
  •  People with Assets to Protect
  • Enterpreneurs Tired of Conflicting Info from their Professionals

What our Successful Clients are Saying

"Dear Scott, Thank you for speaking at our organization. Your presentation was insightful, energetic, and engaging. I can’t tell you how many times I was stunned by some of the information you gave. My jaw literally dropped! Your presentation, without any sales “pitchiness,” is a call to action for business owners who are serious about being successful in their business.””In your presentation our members received a college education in 45 minutes that will save them thousands of dollars or maybe even millions of dollars in the future. One of our members who heard you presentation told me afterward that she wished she knew this before she gave her business to her children. It would have not only saved her over half a million dollars in legal fees, but it would have saved her family from the destructive lawsuits that tore them apart. Your information is essential for anyone running a family business!””Thank you so much!"

Gina Robinson-Billups
Moms in Business Network
The International Association of Working Mothers

"Hi Scott!, I wanted to thank you once again for under-promising and over-delivering with the great teleseminar you did for our Internet Marketing students. They were particularly impressed with the information you gave them on ways of building and securing corporate credit, especially in these precarious times. As you know, I am a firm believer in being sure people are set up in their business entities from the beginning, before they open the doors, and I want to thank you for driving that point home as well.Again, you under-promised and over-delivered when you gave them the extra hour of instruction. I believe that showed your commitment to helping create excellent businesses and business relationships from the beginning.””Thank you again for helping us jump-start the students.To all our success!"

Cyndi Parker CEO

"Scott Letourneau’s insight and knowledge far exceeds that of most businessmen and entity specialists.His all-encompassing business services are an absolute must for any size business, new and old!"

Ross Arntson
The Millionaire Buzz

"I’ve worked with thousands of business owners as a CPA and now as an Attorney helping them pay less in taxes and to properly protect their estate.””Unfortunately 80% of business owners fail in the first 3 years, due to a lack of cash flow. If those 80% listened to Scott’s CDs about how banks lend money and how to gain access to more cash, they would have been in a much better position to service! Unfortunately, no one teaches the business owner the process on how banks lend money, except for Scott! His system is a must!"

Joseph J. Dadich,
CPA, Esq., L.L.M.

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